Guided walking tours

Linden Languages also offers guided walking tours in The Hague, Leiden, Delft, Haarlem and Brussels. The walking tours are given by Wietse Buma.

Wietse Buma is an experienced city guide. He earnt his Master’s in History at the University of Leiden. Buma started giving guided tours in 2006 and gradually expanded his activities. Nowadays he acts as a city guide in Leiden, Delft, The Hague, Haarlem and Brussels. As an historian he knows how to combine specific knowledge about different cities with general developments through the centuries. Besides being a city guide Buma also acts as an trainer for future expats for the Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam. He is well familiar in dealing with a broad range of different cultures and speaks English fluently. Would you like to know more about possibilities and prices? Please feel free to contact us.



“The guided tours that are offered are fantastic. It’s an entertaining way of getting to know the history and architecture of the city. It’s also a great opportunity to meet other Dutch language enthusiasts!”
Cynthia from Costa Rica

“The guided tour in The Hague highlights those little gems you will most likely miss while just walking around with a guidebook in your hands. And for every place Wietse provides a piece of local history. Definitely worth taking, for grown-ups and kids alike.”
Dmitri from Russia

“I highly recommend these walking tours. I recently took the English guided tours of The Hague and Delft. They were both entertaining while informative. The guide proved to have a deep knowledge of significant historic facts and savory anecdotes. He could reply with pertinence to the many questions of the participants, who were from very diverse countries, backgrounds and age slots. At the end of the tours, we were all given a souvenir and most of us gathered around a beer and “biterballen” to regain energy and further exchange on the visited town (but not only!). It is definitely a nice way to discover Dutch hidden treasures.”
Maria from Spain

“That was a great tour, thanks again! I learned so much! My family and I also really enjoyed the private tour in Leiden - what a great way to explore the different cities in n the Netherlands, especially with visiting family and friends! Highly recommended!”
Mallory from Canada

"We had a very enjoyable tour - we both had a good time!"
Martin from Sweden and Jeannette from South-Africa